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Focus, Clarity, Concentration

Our Mission

Our mission at Mindful Accord is to bring mindfulness practices to the workplace.

The World Health Organization has estimated that stress related illnesses cost businesses up to $300 Billion a year.

By teaching and reinforcing mindful practices, businesses we partner with will show a measurable decrease in absenteeism, while increasing productivity, and lowering your insurance premiums.

Monday evening meditation with Rich and Gunnar has done so much for me. I know of other ways to meditate that I learned in Yoga, but Mindful Accord’s breathing meditation is by far the best. I am a stress-ridden person who is a recovering alcoholic. I highly suggest to anyone looking to bring a little serenity into their life to contact Mindful Accord.”
— J.A. Leduc, Skelly House - Sober Living Community for Women

Rich Decker, B.S. in Psychology

Rich Decker is the founder and lead facilitator at Mindful Accord.  Rich has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Colorado State University. After graduating from CSU Richard worked his way up through various management fields ranging from Banking to Hotels and Resorts but personal issues started affecting his life. Despite his success in business management, he felt something vital was missing. He reached a critical point in his life after a lifelong struggle with debilitating anxiety and depression that included drugs, alcohol, and thoughts of suicide. At the lowest level of his desperation, he was introduced to mindfulness methods and techniques of mindfulness practices and quickly became engrossed in a totally new outlook on life, resulting in a huge weight of negativity disappearing almost immediately. By adopting these various methods, he was able to gain fresh insights and attitudes. This led directly to his role in forming Mindful Accord.
His mission now is to help people and businesses learn the focus, clarity, concentration, and greater human productivity that changed his own life so dramatically. He is ready to help them transform their lives and businesses.

Gunnar Standard

Gunnar is a lifelong student and teacher of mindfulness.  With more than a decade of practice, Gunnar has lead and completed numerous mindfulness retreats, all highly successful.  He enjoys teaching mindfulness practices to people of all walks of life, especially to members of the under-served communities.  
Gunnar's expertise as a teacher comes from personal experiences.  The practices of stress reduction, exercise, mindfulness, and establishing the habit of remaining in the present moment has lifted him out of a very troubling time in hi life.
The numerous life lessons learned have proved to be indispensable to his teaching ability at Mindful Accord.

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